2KBABY Laces Us With Catchy New "Betta" Single

Upstart 2KBABY is building off what’s been a solid catalog of promising releases, arriving with his latest “Betta” track. As is his modus operandi, 2K is relying on melodic hooks and delivery to get the point across as he waxes poetic of better days ahead.

“I really want this song to remind people never to lose faith during long periods of tribulations,” the Louisville native tells Complex. “Keep your head up day today. Everything is going to get better.”

Produced by Danny Hajj, Jesus of Lit Gang, and G Koop, the cut comes attached to a music video in its debut as 2KBABY and company spread positivity through unscripted acts of kindness.

“The idea behind the video was to spread positivity and the message of doing ‘betta,’” he adds. “It was dope putting smiles on strangers’ faces and hearing some of their stories. Everyone has a story. It made me realize how blessed I am and seeing the reactions made me want to be even betta. Even small good deeds go a long way. You don’t know how to live if you don’t know how to give.”

Quotable Lyrics

Ever since I got some money all she want designer
I just think it’s really funny how my little honey think she’s gettin’ Prada, but nada
Duckin’ groupies while I’m rockin’ Gucci and Gabbana
She in love with the drama
Lil mama actin’ like my mama, Madonna

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