October, 2016

Deadpool director Tim Miller working on Sonic the Hedgehog film

The famous Sega video game character will reportedly be brought to the big screen with a combination of CGI animation and live action… 0

The reality of being black in todays Britain | David Olusoga

David Olusoga grew up amid racism in Britain in the 70s and 80s. Now, in a groundbreaking new book and TV series, he… 0

‘La La Land’ director: Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone casting was key to movie’s success

Los Angeles (CNN)Damien Chazelle spent six long years trying to make his musical love story, “La La Land.” But these days, he’s thankful… 0

New York Met opera cancelled after person’s ashes tipped into orchestra pit

Police say performance halted and theatre evacuated after individual from out of town spread the ashes of his friend and mentor New York… 0

Bruce Springsteen: You can change a life in three minutes with the right song

The global superstar talks about the masculine facade of Donald Trump, the strength he inherited from his mother, the philosophy he shares with… 0

Stalin’s last American spy: new book tells the strange tale of Noel Field

Kati Martons ninth book, True Believer, is a fascinating and stirringly relevant portrait of a devout communist from Boston who worked for the… 0

Make America great dane again: Brooklyn dog parade elects leader

The presidential contest was referenced in Fort Greene park on Saturday but it didnt dominate the event, as owners and canines dressed to… 0

How bots ruined everything: from Drake to diets

Whether youre struggling to get gig tickets or being fat-shamed by an app AI is calling the shots. Werent these algorithms supposed to… 0

Before emails, GOP was livid about another ‘smoking gun’

(CNN)Democrats are up in arms about FBI Director James Comey’s letter to Congress revealing that he is looking into more emails related to… 0

Empire shaped the world. There is an abyss at the heart of dishonest history textbooks | Moni Mohsin

Nearly 90,000 Indian soldiers laid down their lives for Britain in the second world war, yet the scale of that sacrifice and the… 0

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