19 Reasons Your Obsession With Dev Patel Is Justified

We need to talk about Dev Patel.

The 26-year-old British Indian actor could walk away with the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his rolein Lion.In the film, Dev plays Saroo Brierley, a man desperately searching for his family in India after being separated from them at the age of 5.

Its a great, fiery performance that deserves recognition in and of itself, but theres another reason were rooting for him. Just read this tweet:

That is a huge deal.On-screen representation matters, and its especially important for Asian actors. According to a 2016 diversity study,Asian actors nabbed only 3.9 percent of speaking roles in film a stark contrast from the 73.7 percent white actors receive.

Thats not the only reason werepulling for Dev to win an Oscar, though. Below, a few reasons why were obsessed with the Oscar-nominated actor:

Before receiving all this Oscar buzz for Lion, Dev was in 2008s massive hit Slumdog Millionaire and was equally amazing in that. Remember when he danced like this and low-key stole your heart?

He was also great on HBOs The Newsroom, playing a blogger and the offices resident computer geek.

He was super cute back then, of course.

AFP via Getty Images

But right around the time of The Newsroom, something began to change. Our nerdy-cute pretend boyfriend started to grow into his looks in a major way. Its like one day the hair gods smiled down at Dev and said, Hey, Slumdog guy, its time to grow out that hair and drive everyone crazy with lust for your locks.

Jason LaVeris via Getty Images
And grow it out he did. The swooshy-hair era began and nothing has been the same since. Dev has pretty much blossomed into full babe mode now.

Woah, right?

Those curls.

Barcroft Media via Getty Images
Seriously, THOSE CURLS.

And dat smile.

Vera Anderson via Getty Images

He also has a beautiful, classical profile. And the beard is good, too. (Lets give credit where credit is due, guys.)

Hes so good at posing for photo shoots,his side hustle should be modeling. (But please dont stop acting, Dev.)

Then theres his accent. Dev pulls off a pretty convincing Aussie accent in Lion, but his real-life British lilt will melt your heart.

Sigh. Please never stop touching your hair.

All awards season long, Dev has been a big booster of Sunny Pawar, the adorable 8-year-old who plays the younger version of his character in Lion.


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Like, he literally boosts him up:

George Pimentel via Getty Images
Sunny very impressively carries the first half of Lion all by himself and Dev gives him credit for that every chance he gets.

Hes so incredible in this film, and I share this nomination with him in a big way, Dev told the Los Angeles Times recently.

Sean Zanni via Getty Images
Dont pretend you werent deeply affected by the cuteness of their introduction ofLion at the Golden Globes.

Same, girl, same.

Whos he taking to the Oscars? Apparently, his mom, Anita. Thats her moment, he told the LA Times.Im her guest.

Daww. Here they are at a 2009 British awards party.

Dave M. Benett via Getty Images
Gotta love a man who respects his mama.

We also want him to win because were positive hed be so humble and bashful during his acceptance speech. Just look at how he reacted to his name being called for his SAG award nomination.

And in spite of all the Oscar buzz surrounding him, Dev realizes were living in politically tumultuous times and theres weightier things happening in the world right now. Heres whathe told the LA Timeson the SAG Awards red carpet:

At times like this, youre constantly questioning what youre doing at awards like this or promoting a movie. It feels so pointless. I look to the people around me and they remind me the message of this film, of the art were trying to inject into the world right now. Its about unification, he added.When I think about that, it makes me have a little bit more strength.

Oh, and another thing: Hes an animal lover. (Dev + doggo = happy us. And loud squee-ing noises,to be honest.)

On another shallow note,boy fills out a suit quite well.

Desiree Navarro via Getty Images
And in case you were wondering, he has a mean street-style game, too.

Brian Ach via Getty Images

Were in good company in our Dev devotion. Ellen DeGeneres gave himthe title ofSexiest Man Alivewhen he visited the show back in January. So well deserved, even if Dev was like, Aw, shucks, me?

And his Lion co-star Nicole Kidmanrecognizes his swag as well.

Dave J Hogan via Getty Images
Watch out, Keith Urban.

Heck, even his ex-girlfriend and Slumdog Millionaire co-star Freida Pinto gave him props on Instagram for his Best Supporting Actor Oscar nom.

So clearly, hes best supporting ex-boyfriend, too.


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Now would be a good time to mention what a ridiculously good-looking couple they were a few years back.

Jason LaVeris via Getty Images
So pretty.

Lastly, Devs work on Lion didnt end when he was done filming.Hes been busy promoting#LionHeart, a social impact campaign which will provide financial support to the over 11 million children who live on the streets of India. Heres our boy asking people to contribute:

In conclusion, Dev Patel is a super talented actor and a stand-up guy with amazing hair.

Cheers to you,Dev. Were pulling for you and your epic curls Sunday night!

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