10 things you didn’t know about Finn Wolfhard


div> If you love Stranger Things and Itthen chances are you also love Finn Wolfhard. The young actor has risen steadily to stardom since he joined the nerdy cast of kids searching for their lost friend in the Upside-Down. His role in the terrifying clown thrillersolidifies his penchant for playing mischievous kids who fight bizarre paranormal evils.

Wolfhard’s fans love him for being a talented, earnest, wholehearted actor who hasn’t quite let go of his teen charm. He’ll post goofy character videos on Twitter, then head up campaigns asking his Instagram followers to donate to causes like hurricane relief.

Before another heartstopping season of Stranger Things kicks off, it’s time to catch up on your Finn trivia. Here are 16 things about the star that you may not know.

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10 interesting facts about Finn Wolfhard

1) He’s Canadian, but says he has “weird blood”

Wolfhard was born in Vancouver, Canada, where he still lives today. He’s also of French, German, and Jewish heritage. “It’s really weird, I have really weird blood,” Wolfhard said, according to IMBD. “Then I go to Catholic school, which is really weird.”

Wolfhard is currently enrolled in the 8th grade at a Catholic school in Canada.

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2) He’s not the only actor in his family

His 19-year-old brother, Nick Wolfhard, is also an actor. Since 2013, Nick has been featured in both shorts and videos, but is most prominent as a voice actor for anime TV series Beyblade Burst and World Trigger. He regularly posts photos of Finn and himself (and their adorably similar facial expressions) attending premieres, dinners, or just hanging out at home watching anime.  

Screengrab via Nick Wolfhard/Instagram

3) He makes $30,000 per Stranger Things episode

For the first and second seasons of Netflix’s Stranger Things, the young actor made an impressive amount of money, according to IMBD. Season 1 had eight total episodes and Season 2, which is set to release Oct. 27, has nine total episodes—totaling a little more than half a million dollars in salary from the TV series for Wolfhard.

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4) He thinks Pennywise from It is scarier than the demogorgon from Stranger Things

In an interview before the film’s release on Good Morning America, Wolfhard compares the scary killer clown Pennywise to the demogorgon monster from Stranger Things. “The demagorgon you can kill, like for real, but Pennywise can shape-shift into anything and is kind of immortal in a sense,” Wolfhard said.

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5) Despite starring in the newly adapted movie, he never finished reading Stephen King’s It

“We all tried and I got two chapters in and thought, ‘Yeah it’s really long and I don’t know if I have time to finish this,’” Wolfhard told Vice.

Like most 14-year-olds with a long reading list, Wolfhard only got about two chapters into the 1,000-page 1986 novel. With the Stranger Things shooting schedule and regular back-to-back photo shoots and interviews, can you blame him? He says one day, he’ll read it all.

Screengrab via Finn Wolfhard/Instagram

6) He’s a self-proclaimed “crazy frog enthusiast”

According to his Twitter bio, Wolfhard loves frogs. He even has his own frog apparel<span style=”font-weight:;” 400;”> with a company called Represent. Proceeds from the frog apparel went to help flood victims in Houston.

7) He’s funny on and off screen.

Wolfhard’s character in the movie It was full of humor but the actor proved that he also has jokes offscreen. A hilarious video of Wolfhard pretending to be a middle-aged man vlogging recently went viral on Twitter.


8) He sings and plays guitar in Calpurnia

Wolfhard recently started the Toronto-based band with three other teens. In an interview with Young Hollywood just before their debut performance, the band said some of its biggest influences include Billy Joel, Mac DeMarco, and Twin Peaks.

Screengrab via Calpurnia/Instagram

9) He’s an aspiring director 

Aside from his own band, Wolfhard has appeared in four music videos for indie bands like Facts and PUP. He also appears in and co-directed the music video for “Sonora” by Spendtime Magic, in which he plays yet another sneaky but well-intentioned teen with a crush.

“Retro Oceans” by Facts

“Guilt Trip” by PUP

“Sleep in the Heat” by PUP

“Sonora” by Spendtime Palace (which he also co-directed)

10) He lives for Twitter polls

Particularly if they involve dads, candy bars, and most importantly, the all-time sports dog classic Air Bud.

Screengrab via Twitter

Screengrab via Twitter

Screengrab via Twitter

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