10 Celebrities We Hate More Than Anne Hathaway In Honor Of Her Birthday

If you’ve felt a little off recently, there’s probably a pretty good reason. No, Mercury isn’t in retrograde or anything. It’s Anne Hathaway’s birthday on November 12th. Hating on Anne Hathaway is kind of like cringing when someone asks you to take a tequila shot. It’s a reflex that we all share, and although some of us may be able to point to a specific moment in history when we started hating Anne Hathaway and/or tequila shots, it’s also perfectly acceptable to dislike them both for absolutely no reason. For a long time, we’ve all been in agreement that Anne is kind of the worst. And maybe, just because it’s her birthday and I’m feeling nice(ish), we can take some of the focus off of her. Anne has laid relatively low in recent years, and maybe, just maybe, it’s time to forgive her for all those years of annoyingness. I mean, tbh we have bigger fish to fry these days than a low-key good actress who was bad at hosting the Oscars once.

In honor of Anne’s day, here are a few celebrities that have actually replaced her as the object of our disdain. If you can believe that. And no, I’m not talking about celebrities that you love to hate but probably still follow on Instagram (aka all Kardashians). I’m talking about the OGs that can put you in a bad mood with a simple facial expression.

1. Nicolas Cage

Have you ever looked at Nicolas Cage’s face and felt anything other than annoyed? Prob not. He’s literally just a meme at this point. Plus, his middle name is Kim and that fucking sucks.

2. Meghan Trainor

Everyone knows the feeling of being in a kind of bad mood at a club and then a Meghan Trainor remix coming on and instantly pushing you over the edge. I’m not a violent person by any means, but if I were to ever punch someone in the face, I’m sure “Dear Future Husband” would be playing in the background.

3. Ariel Winter

Insta thot extraordinaire Ariel Winter has been on our shit list for a while now. If the whole wannabe Kylie Jenner act wasn’t tiring enough, this video of her inexplicably working out with her hair down definitely solidified it. Sorry, but we’re just not buying her whole “I’m making the world more feminist, one thirst trap at a time” routine. Not at all.

4. Nick Viall

Thanks to Nick’s obsession with appearing on Bachelor franchise shows, we’ve had many years to develop an intense hatred of him, his thirstiness, and his inability to control his tear ducts.

5. Gwenyth Paltrow

When did we all start hating Gwenyth Paltrow, you ask? Probably around the time she created her lifestyle brand, Goop. It’s supposed to be like, cutesy suggestions to live a cool life, but in actuality it’s just really boujee expensive shit, much of which is actually dangerous (see: jade vagina eggs, vagina steaming, probably anything related to the vagina that this woman advocates).

6. Justin Bieber

Of course, we’ll concede that Justin’s music is like, the music of our souls, but apart from that, Justin Bieber is the fuckboy of all fuckboys. And don’t get me wrong, watching his mental breakdown is enjoyable, but also, he should leave Britney Selena Gomez alone. Unless they want to collab on a song, in which case, carry on.

7. Taylor Swift

Hating on Taylor Swift has kind of been the move for the past year. And despite the fact that  is full of certified bops that may or may not be making us rethink some small portion of that hate (MAYBE), Taylor still has a lot of bullshit to make up for from the past year. Basically, Taylor is on notice, and will remain so until one of her songs comes on in the club and we can’t help but dance she atones for her sins.

8. Spencer Pratt

I mean, do we even need to explain this one? We’ve hated Spencer Pratt for so long it’s hard to remember exactly why. *Thinks back to literally everything he did and said on * Oh yeah, now I remember…

9. Scott Disick

We excused 90% of Scott Disick’s behavior for a long time because of his penchant for meme-able quotes on the Kardashians, but ever since he started dating a teenage Sofia Richie, it’s gonna be a no from us. Like, there are plenty of age-appropriate models and Kardashians for you to date, and yet you date someone who just finished AP Calc? Nope. Nope to all.

10. Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne is a graduate of the Ariel Winter & Kylie Jenner Center For Kids Who Can’t Read Good School of Gratuitous Thirst Trappery, and we’re not here for it. Also…what is this woman famous for? Like, at least we know Ariel is on and is actually a good actress.  Bella comes from…? I looked up her IMDB and literally the only things I recognized were that she played a young Taylor Townsend on once and apparently was on some Disney Channel show that I’m too old mature to have ever head of. Where did she come from? Can she return? These are questions I have…


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