How do 11 people go to jail for onemurder?

The long read: Can you be convicted of a killing if you were there when somebody else dealt the fatal blow? The law… 0

Emma Watson Reportedly Dating ‘Glee’ Star Chord Overstreet

Emma Watson is reportedly dating actor and musician Chord Overstreet, multiple news outlets confirm. “They have been dating for a little bit now, but it’s still… 0

Kendall Jenner Addresses Gay Rumors: ‘I Have Literally Nothing To Hide’

Despite having been romantically linked to several famous men, including singer Harry Styles and rapper A$AP Rocky, many people seem to be convinced that… 0

Once-Paralyzed Singer Makes Katy Perry Weep On ‘American Idol’

Before his audition, Francisco, 25, explained how he moved to Nashville for his music and was hit by a car, paralyzing him below… 0

World Cup stunning moments: Cameroon shock Argentina in 1990

Simon Burnton: Franois Omam-Biyiks goal and an unheralded team of journeymen defeated Diego Maradonas world champions in Italy Of the great World Cup… 0

‘Every place you go, you are being watched’: reporting from Xi’s China

The Guardians outgoing Beijing correspondent reflects on six years of increasing repression You dont work out, do you? inquired one of the officers… 0

Neil Young Fires Back At No. 1 Hater: NRA Spokeswoman Dana Loesch

Loesch has tweeted at least 15 negative comments about the rock legend over the past decade, according to the Daily Beast, including referring… 0

Craig Mack: rapper behind Flava in Ya Ear dies aged 46

The New York rapper, who collaborated with Sean Combs, the Notorious BIG and LL Cool J, died of heart failure Craig Mack, the… 0

Still some time left for Music Week. March 5-11

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Cat Sabbath – Music Week! March 5th to 11th,A phantasmemegoric & thecoffeemaster Event

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